Recently, we have been having problems with a denial-of-service attack on one of our e-mail accounts.  This attack is referred to as "backscatter", where the victim's e-mail address is listed as the "reply-to" address in an unsolicited e-mail message.  These messages, also known as "spam", often bombard legitimate corporate e-mail accounts in an attempt to sell something.  In this case, the backscatter messages we have been receiving relate to the sale of "Prestige Replica" watches and/or prescription medicine. 


The websites advertising these items (,, etc.) have been sent a cease-and-desist order, but it is unlikely that anyone from these "companies" will stop using this e-mail address in their "Replay-To" settings.  E-mail spam has been a problem since the Internet began, and our request will most likely fall on deaf ears.


The e-mail account that was listed as the spammers "Reply-To" account has been terminated in the hopes that it will break the cycle of e-mail abuse.


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If you are one of the companies that have been receiving these e-mails, our sincerest apologies.  Although we cannot stop the sending of spam e-mails, we at least hope to remove "Foundry Data" from being involved. 


Thank you.