The Advocate - Victim Management Software

    "The Advocate" Victim Management Software began over five years ago when a Victim Advocate complained about changing letter format on an antiquated database.  The advocates got together and directly influenced the design of the software.   Our feedback during the development stage was received in the form of frustration and confusion.  After several months of contouring the product, we could slowly see this frustration turn to acceptability.  Numerous enhancements and time-saving features have changed the acceptability into a form of "glee".   

    The finished product, "The Advocate", has become an integral part of that office.   We feel that within the past few years there have been many breakthroughs, but we also see in this program many more breakthroughs yet to be discovered.   

    Many states are implementing a Victim’s Bill of Rights. Ohio, in particular, has put forth Ohio Revised Code Section 2930.   An excerpt is listed below:

        Prosecutors (or designee) also must, to the extent practicable, inform victims of the name of the accused, charge, case number, procedural steps, victim’s right to attend all proceedings, summary of rights, intimidation response procedures, person and phone contact, need to request notices and the right to select a representative to receive these notices on the victim’s behalf, and notify all victims of misdemeanor crimes of their right to make an oral or written victim impact statement.

    That's a tall order, and may be overwhelming for some offices.  “The Advocate” database was designed from the ground up to make your advocates more efficient. With this program, your agency will rise to meet the requirements of victim notification and statistics reporting.



Key Benefits

bulletEasy-to-operate graphical interface. Visual cues will alert the user to the possible duplicate entries, ultimately reducing time spent on data entry tasks. 


bulletSubmit statistics without counting on fingers! When your personnel enter victim data and services provided, statistics for any time period can be calculated. This information can then be used for crime-trend analysis, grant writing and VOCA and SVAA reporting.


bulletHeadache-free licensing with an “unlimited client” access. This means that there are no costly “per seat” charges. Your package will include one server installation and a “user” package. You may install and connect as many users within your office as needed.

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